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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Redeem Deluxe & Collector Codes


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Redeem Deluxe & Collector Codes

How to Redeem Deluxe and Collector Codes for Mass Effect Andromeda

If you purchased a fancy edition of Mass Effect Andromeda, such as its Deluxe or Collector’s editions, then you have some fun digital bonuses to redeem. These include:

  • Pathfinder casual outfit
  • Scavenger armor
  • Pathfinder Elite weapon set (4)
  • Pet Pyjak (monkey)
  • Digital soundrack
  • Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack – $5 value

In your Mass Effect Andromeda package, you should find a code that will allow you to redeem these bonuses. Then, you’ll need to enter the code in the appropriate place, depending on your system.


If you’re playing on PC, you’re playing on Origin, EA’s gaming platform. Click on the “Origin” menu in the upper left of the application. Then hit “Redeem Product Code.” Enter your code and submit, then you’re golden.


PS4 users will have to go through the PlayStation store. Head to the Store, and select “Redeem Codes” at the bottom of the menu.

Xbox One

On Xbox One, Head over to the store page and hit the “Use a Code” option that’s located right above the “Browse Games” bar.

For more on Mass Effect: Andromeda — including guides, tips, tricks, information, and fun features – be sure to check out our expansive wiki.

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