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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Fast Travel


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Fast Travel

Call down a handy resupply station.

Fast Travel in Mass Effect Andromeda

The planets in Mass Effect Andromeda are vast, so if you don’t want to wander around the planet surfaces completely on foot, you’ll have to call down some forward stations. Think of these as your fast travel points. To call down a forward station, look on your map for a white icon that kind of looks like a mini tower. Head to the designated location, and you’ll have the option to summon a forward station from the Tempest.

At a forward station, you can change your loadout and equipment, and even summon the Nomad to your position once you’ve unlocked it. If you run out of ammo, you can also resupply here. You don’t have to be at a forward station to fast travel either; no matter where you are on the planet, you can simply bring up your map and select the point you want to fast travel to. It’s also worth noting that you can fast travel to wherever you left your Nomad as well.

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