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Mass Effect Andromeda: How Research and Development Works


Mass Effect Andromeda: How Research and Development Works

How Research and Development Works in Mass Effect Andromeda

If you want to get the biggest and best weapons and gear in Mass Effect Andromeda, you’ll need to quickly get to grips with the Research and Development aspect of the game. Essentially, the game breaks down the crafting process into two separate parts. First, you’ll need to research whatever you want to craft, and then you’ll need to develop it with the required materials that can be scavenged from the galaxy.

The first stop you should make is in the Research menu. Here’s where you can unlock new blueprints and augmentations. To unlock more of these you’ll need to spend Research Data (RD) you’ve acquired out in the field. As long as you’ve got enough RD for a blueprint or augmentation, that’s all you need to worry about at this point.

Once you’ve done this, jump into the Development menu and find your newly-purchased blueprint or augmentation under the correct menu. Now’s the time you may need to go hunting for materials again. Development is where you’ll actually craft your new items and upgrades. This requires minerals – which can be found in Mineral Deposits – and Omni-Gel Canisters you’ll find plenty of on your adventure.

When you’ve got all of the required minerals and Omni-Gel, simply confirm you want to craft the item and it’ll be added into your inventory. That’s all there is to Research and Development in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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