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Mass Effect Andromeda: The Firefighters Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: The Firefighters Quest Guide

The Firefighters Side Quest Walkthrough Guide

Once you’ve spoken with Dr. Aridana on the Nexus within the lab section for The Firefighters quest in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll be tasked with going over some math with SAM. However, once you reach the SAM module, you’ll find that what you give him actually has a virus and will infect SAM. Convinced Aridana is out to get you, you’re supposed to confront her. Thankfully, you haven’t been betrayed though! Aridana will let you know about a hacking group that might be behind this and you will act like SAM is totally broken while in contact with them, just to be able to meet up with them and find out their location. Your mission will then be on hold until you have access to the planet of Kadara.

Once you get an email for the mission again, head over to Kadara and follow the marker to talk to the leader of the group, Knight. You’ll find out some motives for the character (turned into a villain against AI because her son got sick), and will need to figure out what her grand master plan is. Don’t go scanning the room all willy nilly as this will set off alarms. Instead, interact with every person, datapad, and terminal.

Downstairs in the back is where Knight’s son is resting, and you know that you can help his illness. You just need to go back to the Tempest and develop the Cybernetic Device For Alain from the crafting menu. It will require six Aluminum and two Iridium.

Once you have that, go back to the hideout and give the device to Alain. He’ll reveal what his mother is plotting, and you can hack the terminal that’s upstairs. This will allow SAM to find out the plans that Knight wants to blow up the main computers on the Nexus. Naturally, that means you have to head on over to the Nexus and locate the EMP devices by scanning for them.

Confront Knight once you’ve taken care of that and you can use the fact that SAM helped cure Alain as proof that all AI aren’t bad. She’ll turn herself in and everything will be resolved peacefully!

That’s all you need to know about the Firefighters quest. For more help with Mass Effect: Andromeda, be sure to check back to Twinfinite’s wiki for guides and tips!

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