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Mass Effect Andromeda: Should You Exile or Release the Murderer?


Mass Effect Andromeda: Should You Exile or Release the Murderer?

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now and, as you’d expect, there is a huge number of story and side missions for you to work your way through. One of the early ones will give you a choice between exile and release.

Near the start of the game, once you reach the Nexus, you will be given the chance to pursue the side mission called ‘First Murderer’. Once you have spoken to the accused and you have begun the story mission that sends you to Eos, the first planet you explore, you will be prompted to analyze some evidence at the site of the murder. Doing so will make it clear that whilst he didn’t actually kill the victim, he did intend to – his bullet just missed the target.

You will then return to the Nexus and speak to Jarun Tann who will ask you to take responsibility and make the decision of whether to exile or release the accused. It does not actually matter what you choose to do, as the result is the same either way. Tann will agree to whatever you say and the mission will end without you seeing anything else about the mission or murder case. Whether you exile or release in the First Murderer, neither decision has any impact on future missions.

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