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Mass Effect Andromeda: What Conversation Symbols Mean


Mass Effect Andromeda: What Conversation Symbols Mean

What Conversation Symbols Mean in Mass Effect Andromeda

Conversations are one of the core mechanics of the Mass Effect series and they’re back in full force in Mass Effect Andromeda. While the Paradigm System is no more, you can still help define Ryder’s (the main protagonist) personality with the tonal choices you make while speaking with NPCs – don’t worry, all the crazy things you shout at your friends in multiplayer won’t change Ryder’s character.

There are up to four options when speaking, each represented by a symbol:

  • Heart – Emotional. You’ll be more understanding and will avoid offending anyone (unless they hate emotions, keep that in mind).
  • Gear – Logical. You’ll respond with your brain and consider only the information you have, understanding be damned.
  • Round Squiggle – Casual. This can sometimes include a bit of humor, be it of the “ha-ha” variety or just a healthy dose of sarcasm. It’s not always sarcastic though, and can often just be a relaxed response.
  • Square Squiggle – Professional. Often times the safest option, you’ll just respond in a respectful way that shows you’re serious about the mission at hand.

Do note that not every option is available at every time. Some will limit you to just two answer types, especially after already making a few decisions that have decided the overall tone of the conversation or the relationship.

Now that you know what conversation symbols mean, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for tips, tricks, and more guides.

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