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Mass Effect Andromeda: Character Creation Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: Character Creation Guide

Character Creation in Mass Effect Andromeda

When you first boot up Mass Effect Andromeda, you’re going to have to create a character to take out into the unknown as you explore the Andromeda system. This latest entry in the celebrated series allows you to do quite a bit to really personalize your avatar, and it all begins with the Character Creator menu.

There are several menu under this menu:

Gender – The first option. Allows you to create either a male or female

Customize Appearance – We’ll break this one down shortly, but it’s where you work out the actual appearance of your Ryder.

Choose Training – Class selection. While you’ll be able to fine tune it later on, this sets you up with a specific set of skills and stats for the start of your adventure.

Choose Name – Every hero needs a name.

Customize Twin – Yes, you can make sure the the gender you don’t pick still looks exactly how you want them to look.

Customize History – Give yourself a neat little background story to take into the new worlds.

Upload Character Data – You can upload your character to Mass Effect Andromeda’s servers so you can use them again in the future or so that others can use your design.

Import Character Data – Import a design from the servers.

Confirm & Start Game – After everything is setup to your liking, you can choose this option to officially begin Mass Effect Andromeda.

All of the options here are pretty self explanatory, but the Customize Appearance option brings up an entirely new menu with plenty of choices to make, so let’s break that down next.

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