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Mass Effect Andromeda Apex Rating: What It Is and How to Increase


Mass Effect Andromeda Apex Rating: What It Is and How to Increase

A badge of honor.

Apex Rating in Mass Effect Andromeda

The Apex Rating is a sort of a player score that keeps track of your performance and progress in Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer component. While you can earn experience points and level your player up simply by spending more time with the multiplayer portion, your Apex Rating is a much more complex score than just that.

The Rating doesn’t just take into account how much time you’ve spent in multiplayer or how high your character level is; it also calculates your K/D ratio, as well as your performance in matches like revives, accuracy, and badges earned. Completing challenges in the multiplayer component will also be factored into your Apex Rating. While the Rating itself doesn’t seem to grant you any additional rewards (at least from what we can tell), it appears to function as more of a badge of honor that other players can see and tell how experienced you really are with the game’s multiplayer. Simply put, the better you perform in multiplayer, the quicker your Rating will go up.

You can check your Apex Rating in the top left corner of the screen when playing multiplayer.

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