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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Where to Find Bonus Medals


Ghost Recon Wildlands: Where to Find Bonus Medals

Where to Find Bonus Medals – Ghost Recon Wildlands

Bonus Medals are one of the collectibles you can obtain in Ghost Recon Wildlands, which are items that offer passive buffs to your various skills. These can range from increasing your ammo carrying capacity to how effective your drone is at marking targets. Since these buffs are rather substantial, it’s going to be important that you acquire them if you want to take on higher difficulty regions.

In order to obtain Bonus Medals, you will need to first find an intel document that gives you the option to mark their locations on your map. It’s possible to simply discover them by walking around, but this is unlikely given how small and out of the way their placement can be. Once they’ve been marked on your map, a big blue star with a line under it, players can then journey to that specific area and pick them up. Remember, these are going to be heavily guarded by cartel members so always refill your ammo before venturing out.

Most of the locations will also be off the beaten path, such as caves or outposts that are hidden deep within a forest. These areas are bot always directly accessible on foot, so you will want to either steal a helicopter or boat if you plan on going treasure hunting. Bonus Medals also usually appear in boss locations such as the island estate in P.N. De Aqua Verde. Before you engage with an underboss, it’s usually good to have all the locations highlighted for that region, so you don’t have to return since these locations are usually well defended.

After all of the enemies are dead, walk over to the Bonus Medal and hold down Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to pick it up. They will automatically be applied and will require no further input from the player for them to be work. If you want to refresh yourself on what passive buffs are active you can just visit the Skills menu and then scroll over the abilities with the blue stars filled out on the right. Below the name and next to the video at the bottom you will see what that specific Bonus Medal offers.

For more guides, walkthroughs, and tips make sure to visit our Ghost Recon Wildlands wiki.

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