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Final Fantasy XV DLC Receives New Trailer Just Ahead of Its Release

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Final Fantasy XV DLC Receives New Trailer Just Ahead of Its Release

The wait is over.

Square Enix released a new trailer to showcase all the new content that is finally arriving to Final Fantasy XV. The new trailer, released on March 26, gives players a first look at the game’s latest patch to be released on March 27 as well as a more detailed peek at the Episode Gladiolus DLC that will be available starting March 28. New spells for Noctis, access to previously unreachable parts of the map and a special digital showcase for Square Enix’s latest photo contest will all be introduced in the free update.

If you combine these new features with the new content available in the upcoming DLC, it may feel like you’re getting a whole new game for a fraction of the price. If you already own the season pass for Final Fantasy XV, then you will be able to step into Gladiolus’s shoes free of charge. For anyone else who wants to experience a new journey from the perspective of the game’s popular heavy hitter, it will cost $4.99.

It all seems like a great bargain for the sheer amount of new content but the new trailer also comes amidst some slight controversy. Some gamers feel like the base Final Fantasy XV game was incomplete and have been criticizing Square Enix for trying to offer a complete game via DLCs instead. Of course, this type of complaint is pretty common in this age of endless DLCs.

Check out Square Enix’s newest trailer for the March 2017 updates below but be aware that it contains a few spoilers if you haven’t already made it to Chapter 13.

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