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There’s a New Way to Speedrun Overwatch, and It Takes Some Serious Skill

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There’s a New Way to Speedrun Overwatch, and It Takes Some Serious Skill

You should get loot boxes for this.

Overwatch, a game which previously only had a decent speedrunning category for completing its tutorial mode, now has a new speedrun challenge that has players already shattering records.

Players have taken to Reddit to try and get the fastest time in a challenge that takes both patience and skill. The goal is to slide your cursor right down the middle of the hero gallery portraits without highlighting a single character box as quickly as possible, a feat that should be made into an official esport any day now.

Reddit user MrMeossAndFriends started the trend by offering up his run for Overwatch Hero Gallery World Record Any%, landing on a decent time of 32.12 seconds.

His run is thwarted just hours later, as user OfficalDia clocked in at a remarkable 10.64 seconds.

John9 on YouTube followed it up by shaving off some seconds to finish at 4.86 seconds.

And finally, Remikzfully swoops in with an absolutly savage time of 53 milliseconds. Officials are likely still deliberating whether the run was legit, or if a TSA method (tool-assisted speedrun) was used to reach this world record run. If so, it would be very faux pas and lead to outrage within the rapidly growing Overwatch Hero Gallery Speedrun community.

Will you take the challenge?


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