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5 Ways Horizon Zero Dawn’s Animal Robots are Crazy Realistic


5 Ways Horizon Zero Dawn’s Animal Robots are Crazy Realistic

Not your average robots.

The Way They Hunt You Down

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Horizon Zero Dawn is just around the corner and is one of the greatest games to hit the PS4 since its launch. Within its beautiful world, players will face off against a number of animal robots. These machines are the real stars of Horizon Zero Dawn, with incredibly realistic characteristics and traits that bring them to life.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s robots are just as predatory as their real-life counterparts, and if you step into their territory, you better be prepared for a fight. If you’re spotted within a machine’s territory, the chase will begin. This is where Horizon Zero Dawn’s machines really come into their own, as their pursuit fills you with a sense of fear that few other video game foes can manage.

Sawtooth’s will stalk your location, and Stalkers will use their cloaking devices to creep up on you undetected. Vulture-like Glinthawks dive bomb you from above, and will often be found in swarms, just like their real-life counterparts do. While it’s obviously a high-tech take on the real deals, being hunted down by the animal robots in Horizon Zero Dawn is a fear-inducing experience.

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