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Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Romances Ever, Ranked


Top 10 Best Final Fantasy Romances Ever, Ranked

Through thick and thin.

10. Snow Villiers and Serah Farron – Final Fantasy XIII

ff xiii

Snow and Serah’s relationship is already established by the time we start Final Fantasy XIII as the couple is getting ready to get married. Unfortunately, one day Serah is branded as a l’Cie and is given a Focus she must complete. Desperate and distraught, she tries to break up with Snow, who refuses to let her and vows to help her with her Focus.

Over the course of the XIII trilogy, Snow and Serah’s relationship literally transcends time itself. Snow goes on a journey through parallel dimensions to find Serah again, and Serah continues to wear her engagement pendant the entire time. It may be a stereotypical romance, but the pair never falters in their journey to be together, and never forget the love they hold.

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