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Nioh Twilight Mode Missions: What’s Different


Nioh Twilight Mode Missions: What’s Different

What’s Different in Twilight Mode – Nioh

Twilight Mode is a special difficulty level you’ll unlock for missions after you’ve beaten them in Nioh. After you’ve taken out the boss and cleared a mission, you’ll find the option on your world map. Essentially, Twilight Mode is a much harder version of each mission, with the differences focusing on challenging your skill.

You’ll find that mobs here hit harder, are much more aggressive, and can even have more HP. There’s also a chance that you may run into enemies in places they weren’t at before, or encounter types that weren’t previously there. Of course, don’t think that you’ll have to go through all this without reward. Twilight Mode also makes it much more likely for you to find Purple Gear, which is some of the strongest armor and equipment in the game. You can read up on a few tips for getting Purple Gear here.

Twilight Mode missions are sure to be some of the toughest challenges you’ll face in Nioh. Pay attention to the layout of areas as you go through the first time, so you can get a leg up on enemies the next time you go through. With some diligence and training, you’re sure to come out on top, despite these differences.

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