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Nioh: Tips for Beginners


Nioh: Tips for Beginners

Here’s a head start to help you out.

Ki Pulse All Day Everyday


Nioh introduces a unique mechanic called Ki Pulse, which allows you to instantly restore your expended stamina in the middle of battle. In the middle of a combo string, keep an eye on your Ki bar. When the bar flashes white, hit the R1 button to activate Ki Pulse, and you’ll immediately restore the stamina that you’ve just used up. If you purchase the Flux skill, you can restore slightly more than what was expended, provided the bar isn’t already full.

Another neat thing about Ki Pulse that may not immediately be obvious is that activating it can dispel the black and white yokai pools on the ground. Whenever you encounter a large oni, you’ll find that the beast occasionally spreads a black and white aura on the floor, and stepping in it will cause your Ki regeneration to slow down drastically. However, activating a Ki Pulse while standing in the pool will actually cause the pool to dissipate completely. Many bosses in Nioh employ these yokai pools in their strategy as well, so make sure to counter it with the Ki Pulse.

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