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Nioh: How to Save Your Game


Nioh: How to Save Your Game

Don’t lose that progress.

Nioh – Saving Your Game

Much like From Software’s Souls series, Nioh features a pretty aggressive auto-save system that doesn’t allow you to save scum or take back actions that you had previously taken. This means that you pretty much don’t have to worry about the game not saving your progress at all when you’re in the middle of a mission. If you’re in a mission but are unable to locate a shrine or you don’t have time to backtrack and go back to the one you were just at, simply bring up the game’s system menu and select the Quit option. The next time you load up the game, you’ll find yourself right where you last left off at.

If you head to a shrine and interact with it, the game will auto-save at that point as well. Any changes made to your level and stats will also be saved immediately.

When you’re outside of a mission, and on the world map, you can bring up your system menu and quit the game from there as well. When you load back in, you’ll be on the world map again.

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