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Nioh: How to Use Ranged Weapons


Nioh: How to Use Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons – Nioh

Nioh gives you many different options for combat, one of which is using ranged weapons to pick off enemies from a distance. Ranged weapons come in two types, bows and guns, with two types of ammo for each as well. After you beat the prologue and play for a while, enemies will drop weapons and equipment randomly, including ranged weapons.

Once you have a ranged weapon in your inventory, you’ll need to equip it, so just go into the equipment tab and you’ll see the slots. You can equip two ranged weapons at one time, and switch between them on the fly by holding R1 and then hitting up on the D-Pad. To use a bow or gun all you have to do is hold down the L2 button which will bring the weapon up with a targeting reticle, then just hit R2 to fire. You can move around while your weapon is drawn, and use the square and triangle button to switch between the types of ammo.

You can buy more ammo at the blacksmith before missions, and enemies also drop it. Make sure to use your ranged capabilities to give you an extra edge in combat, as you’ll need it in Nioh.

Fore more help, tips, and walkthroughs on Nioh make sure to check out our wiki.

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