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Nioh: How to Change Weapon Stances


Nioh: How to Change Weapon Stances

High, mid, and low.

Nioh – Changing Your Stance

In Nioh, each weapon can be wielded in three different stances: there’s high stance, mid stance, and low stance. The main difference between the three stances is the amount of damage dealt, as well as the speed of your own attacks. For instance, if you attack in high stance, your strikes will be considerably more powerful, but your attacks will also be slower, and will consume more Ki, leaving you more susceptible to being out of breath once your Ki has depleted. Low stance attacks are much faster, but they also deal significantly less damage. Mid stance is a balance between both, and it allows for parrying once you’ve unlocked the necessary skills, but you’ll certainly need to change up your stance when you meet tougher or swifter enemy types.

To change your stance, simply hold the R1 button and tap either the triangle, square, or X buttons. The triangle button activates high stance, the square button shifts you into mid stance, and X is for low stance. You’ll want to practice switching your stances quickly once you start learning how to execute deadlier weapon combos.

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