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Nioh: How to Block Enemy Attacks


Nioh: How to Block Enemy Attacks

For the tanky players.

Block Enemy Attacks – Nioh

Given that there’s no shield that you can equip in Nioh, it’s probably easy to forget that the game does come with a rather handy blocking mechanic. Regardless of which weapon class you’re equipped with, you’ll be able to block against any enemy attack in the game. If you have the Ki to do it, that is.

To guard against an attack, simply hold down the L1 button. By doing this, William will hold up his weapons defensively and guard against enemy attacks. You can also hold down the block button while moving, although this will reduce his movement speed quite a bit. If you block during an attack, William won’t take any damage at all. However, he will take quite a big hit to his Ki, which means that you’ll want to level up his Ki a little if you plan on blocking consecutive attacks frequently. If you continue blocking and run out of Ki in the process, William will be staggered for a short period of time, opening him up to free attacks. If you run low on Ki, it’s best to dash away instead of trying to block an incoming blow.

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