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Nioh: How to Use the Blacksmith (Buy, Sell, Forge, Soul Match, & More)


Nioh: How to Use the Blacksmith (Buy, Sell, Forge, Soul Match, & More)

Use it wisely.

Buy and Sell

Nioh Blacksmith Guide

The Blacksmith is probably one of the most intimidating features in Nioh, but it’s also the most useful if you learn how to utilize it properly. In this guide, we’ll go through each of the available Blacksmith functions one by one, and explain how each of them works. Before anything else, you can only unlock the Blacksmith after completing the prologue and main mission Isle Of Demons. This will take you to the world map, where you can access the Dojo, Torii Gate, and the Blacksmith.

As the name suggests, this function allows you to sell any unwanted items in your inventory and storehouse. The main difference between selling your stuff at the Blacksmith as opposed to the shrine is that you’ll receive gold here instead of Amrita. You won’t realize it right away, but gold is an incredibly valuable currency as you’ll need it to make full use of the rest of the Blacksmith functions.

The Blacksmith in Nioh won’t sell you any rare weapons, but you can buy arrows and ammunition here. It’s a good idea to stock up on supplies before starting a new mission. If you head over to the Special Finds tab in the Buy menu, the Blacksmith will occasionally have some rarities for sale. She also sells an item called the Book of Reincarnation, which basically allows you to respec your character and reset your level. The Book will cost 10,000 gold the first time you buy it from the Blacksmith, but the price will increase the more you do it.

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