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Nioh: How to Get the Best Special Effects for Weapons and Armor


Nioh: How to Get the Best Special Effects for Weapons and Armor

Forged in fire.

Best Special Effects for Your Gear – Nioh

With the gear system in Nioh, there’s no singular piece of armor or weapon that can really be deemed as the “best” in the game. After all, it really comes down to your play style, and whether you favor light or heavy armor, as well as the types of weapons you prefer. However, every piece of gear does come with a few Special Effects, and these will mark the difference between a valuable piece of gear and a subpar one. Do note that purple gear will have the most available slots for Special Effects, and that’s why you should be aiming to deck yourself out in purple in the game.

Also, as we don’t have access to a comprehensive list of all the available Special Effects in Nioh just yet, we’ve picked out a few that we’ve found to be rather helpful during our experience in the game. Feel free to sound off in the comments down below if you’ve discovered other powerful Special Effects.

Special Effects for Weapons in Nioh:

  • Poison
  • Life Recovery
  • Change (Stat) to Attack

Poison can be deadly if you use it right. While it’s not too hard to get that blue Poison Special Effect on your weapon, it’s best to try to get the inflicted amount at around nine at the least. Any lower than that and the poison damage won’t be as significant, and it’ll be much harder to actually inflict the status on enemies.

Life Recovery can be invaluable especially for players running low on Elixirs. One of the blue Special Effects available in the game allows you to gain a bit of health back simply by defeating enemies in close combat. Having a Life Recovery stat of 100 and above will add up with the number of enemies you kill, and the difference is significant.

The final Special Effect I’ve listed is a purple one, and it’s one of the hardest to get. This Special Effect will essentially add a multiplier to a random stat and convert that to damage on your weapon. Of course, it can be a little hit or miss, especially if you land a stat that you’re not using, but it’s still an incredibly useful one to have.

Special Effects for Armor in Nioh:

  • Luck/Equipment Drop Rate
  • Dash Endurance

Luck and Equipment Drop Rate are two different Special Effects, but both function in almost the same way in Nioh. Luck increases your chances of finding rare items, while Equipment Drop Rate makes it easier for you to farm gear off Revenants and enemies in general. Both Special Effects will help you to farm for even better gear, along with rare resources needed for crafting.

Dash Endurance doesn’t sound like much, but it reduces your Ki consumption while sprinting. It’s not a particularly rare Special Effect in Nioh, but it can come in handy when you’re facing off against bosses and you’re having a hard time out-ranging certain attacks.

For all of the Special Effects that I’ve listed here, they can be obtained either through gear drops, or by re-forging equipment at the Blacksmith. For a bit of gold and and spirit iron chunks, you can re-roll any Special Effect on your equipment (as long as they’re not locked) until you get the one want.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite and our ever-expanding wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on Nioh.

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