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Nintendo Releases a Switch Tutorial Video for First Time Set Up

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Nintendo Releases a Switch Tutorial Video for First Time Set Up

Shows off the UI and Mii Maker.

The system that lets you play wherever, whenever, and however you like is finally coming out this week on March 3. The Nintendo Switch has been the talk of the town over the past few months and Nintendo is making sure that the console is getting the attention it needs to succeed.

Last week, the company released an unboxing video where they took the Switch out of its box, put their noses up to the system, and smelled that sweet new console smell. This week, the company released yet another video on the Switch showing players how to set up the system for first time use. The video shows a little bit of the main home screen of the Switch, Mii Maker, profile icons, and some other little tidbits. The interface is definitely a change from the Wii’s channel format, and the Wii U’s take on the 3DS UI.

Just in case you can’t wait until March 3, you can check out that tutorial video below:

The Nintendo Switch is launching worldwide on March 3, you can check out our guide for all of your questions on Nintendo’s new console.


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