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Is Nioh Coming to Xbox One?


Is Nioh Coming to Xbox One?

Is Nioh Coming to Xbox One?


Nioh is the latest Souls-like game to hit the PlayStation 4. The title takes players to a fictionalized 1600s Sengoku period Japan, following protagonist William Adams on a quest to find and conquer his foe. Gameplay centers on strategic action, with heavy emphasis on item builds and survival. Japanese culture permeates all of this, with samurai weapons, armor, and fighting styles at the center of combat. Meanwhile, the world is filled with enemies and locations built from Japanese lore.

Nioh is also deemed one of the most difficult games to release this year, posing no small challenge with its merciless boss battles and aggressive mobs. Players will gather equipment and experience across the game’s locations, trading the latter in at shrines in order to level their character attributes. It’s all very Soulsy, but like that series, is Nioh also coming to Xbox One?

The sad answer is that there are no hints of an Xbox One version. Nioh is at this time a PlayStation exclusive, with even a PC version off the table right now. Despite a large fan petition asking developer Team Ninja for a PC port, Director Fumihiko Yasuda said in an interview, “We currently do not have any plans to release Nioh for PC.”

We’ll keep you updated if plans for Nioh on the Xbox One emerge some time in the future.

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