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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Redmaw Easily


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Redmaw Easily

How to Beat Redmaw Easily – Horizon Zero Dawn

While the mechanical beasts of Horizon Zero Dawn might be all pretty terrifying, the legendary Redmaw is the toughest of them all. To help you out with these creatures, we’ll walk you through how to beat Redmaw easily.

This is a high-level Thunderjaw that you’ll take on as part of the quest appropriately named Redmaw. You’ll unlock this quest by first completing challenges at one of the game’s Hunting Grounds. You’ll need to get three Blazing Suns at any of the Hunting Grounds, at which point the Grounds Keeper will tell you to visit the Hunter’s Lodge in Meridian. After proving her worth as a hunter, Aloy will need to go after two fellow hunters, both determined to take down Redmaw.

When you finally catch up with Talanah, Ahsis, and the Redmaw, you’ll find yourself in a large open area. Around the edges of this plain, you should find that there are some places you can climb up and get cover. This will help you to keep your distance from Redmaw as you take care of some of its weapons.

First things first, use Tearblast arrows to remove those Disc Launchers off of its shoulders. Once these are out of the way, you can target its Cannon by its mouth to render it pretty harmless from a distance.

Now that it cannot use its ranged attacks, it’s time to go and pick up those Disc Launchers off the floor. You can use both of these against Redmaw and they’ll deal heavy damage, so be sure to line up your shots and make the most of the limited ammo. After unloading both Disc Launchers on Redmaw, it should be on pretty low health. You can now use your Precision arrows to target its weak tail and chip away from a distance, or use Blast Tripwires and lure it over to you to have the beast end up in a fiery mess.

Redmaw may sound like it’ll be a far tougher fight than a usual Thunderjaw, but as long as you remove the Disc Launchers and use them against it, this battle is a walk in the park.

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