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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Fast Travel


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel – Horizon Zero Dawn

Fast traveling in Horizon Zero Dawn is a little different to most other games. While some will allow you to fast travel around their worlds for free, others may require you to pay with some of your hard-earned cash.

Horizon Zero Dawn, however, requires that you craft a Fast Travel Pack before you can quickly jump to the other side of the map. These can be crafted from the crafting menu and choosing the Fast Travel option at the bottom. You’ll need 15 Ridge-Wood, one Fatty Meat, and one Bony Meat in order to craft one.

Once you’ve got your Fast Travel Pack, open up your map. You can now skip forward to any single discovered Campfire or Settlement throughout Horizon Zero Dawn’s world. All you need to do is simply hover your marker over one and press R2. As long as you’ve already visited the Campfire or Settlement, you’ll be taken to a loading screen before finding yourself at the destination. If you’re having trouble finding the meats to craft more of the packs, keep a look out for Boars and Foxes respectively. Eventually, you’ll get the ingredients you need.

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