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Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting Guide


Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn – Gathering Resources for Crafting

Crafting is a central mechanic in Horizon Zero Dawn as it will ensure that you’re always ready for any fight and that you can carry all the items you need on your journey. Of course, in order to make anything useful you’ll need to have the proper resources in order to make the items you want/need. There are several types of items you can craft while playing and they fall under:

  • Ammo
  • Carry Capacity upgrades
  • Traps
  • Potions
  • Travel

Each one requires a very specific set of resources in order to create, so you’ll need to do a lot of gathering in Horizon Zero Dawn before you begin crafting. Resources can be found in nature (from animals and plants), in supply crates, treasure boxes, looting machines, looting humans, as quest rewards, and from merchants.

All merchants will have one free treasure box for you that provides a sample of what they offer, but you can also purchase a select number of specific resources from each. These usually include bundles of wood (needed for the crafting of many ammo types), and different robot components such as Blaze Canisters and Wire.

Nature will give you plants and wood that you can pick up simply by walking up and pressing Triangle. Each type of item can only be stacked a certain amount though with wood being able to be in stacks of 250, while plants can only be carried in stacks of 25.

Animals offer up bone, skin, and the various types of meat you can find in-game (which are required for crafting upgrades, creating potions, and trading). Meats stack up to 25, while bones and skins only stack up to 5. Bones are green drops and Skins are Blue drops. Blue drops are very difficult to come by so you’ll want to head to an area with the animal you want and farm for some time.

Robots provide Metal Shards, Wire, Lenses, Robot Hearts, different canisters (Blaze, Chillwater, Echo, etc.), Machine Cores, and Braiding. The canisters are needed to craft ammo with different elemental effects such as Fire Wires, Ice Bombs, and explosive arrows. Hearts and Lenses are used for trading and will be required to obtain certain armors and weapons. Shards serve as currency as well as a crafting resource, used to create arrowheads and bomb shells. Most robot resources are carried in stacks of 50 with the only exceptions being green and blue drops which are only carried in stacks of 5.

Humans can carry anything as they’re just like you. They don’t often have much, but they’re always worth looting, especially for ammo resources.

Now that you know how to get the different types of resources, it’s time to get to the crafting.

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