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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Corrupted Machines Easily


Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Corrupted Machines Easily

How to Beat Corrupted Machines Easily – Horizon Zero Dawn

While the normal machines in Horizon Zero Dawn can put up a pretty tough fight, the Corrupted Machines will up the ante that little bit more. These can be found at Corrupted Zones littered across the map, and will also make an appearance during Horizon Zero Dawn’s storyline.

Corrupted Machines are more powerful and aggressive than in their original forms, and are not affected by Corruption damage whatsoever. They are weak to fire, though, so you’ll want to ensure you’re stocked up with plenty of fire arrows before taking any Corrupted Machines on.

As for the rest of your battle with these machines, it largely remains the same as taking down the normal machine. Aim for its weak points and bombard them with fire arrows and precision arrows to deal even more damage. Fire damage will slowly chip away at their health bar, and bombarding them with precision arrows will help to keep them at bay.

It’s also worth noting that Aloy cannot override these machines, so don’t put yourself in danger by getting up close for no reason.

That’s all you need to know to beat Corrupted Machines easily. Be sure to check out our Horizon Zero Dawn wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and information.

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