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Check Out Horizon Zero Dawn’s Badass Machines in These PS4 Pro Screenshots


Check Out Horizon Zero Dawn’s Badass Machines in These PS4 Pro Screenshots

Getting up close and personal with the machines.

Horizon Zero Dawn is almost within reach and players will be suitably hyped to jump into one of the best experiences to hit the PS4. While the game’s story will keep you intrigued, and the vast wealth of quests and side activities will keep you busy, it’s Horizon Zero Dawn’s combat which is the real star of the show and what you’ll spend most of your time engaging with.

The machines that roam the world all resemble real-life animals. Whether’s its the deer-like Grazers that are easily spooked if they hear a foreign noise, to the T-Rex-like Thunderjaw with its shoulder-mounted missile launcher, Horizon Zero Dawn’s gamut of machines is extensive and varied.

To prepare you for the hunt in just over a week’s time, we decided to give you a glimpse of some of the game’s badass machines. It’s worth noting that if you want to keep your Horizon Zero Dawn experience spoiler-free, you may not want to check out the screenshots. Though they don’t reveal any story-specific information, some players may consider their first encounter with each machine to be a grand event in and of itself.

Horizon Zero Dawn will release exclusively on PS4 on Feb. 28 and will also be enhanced for the PS4 Pro.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220140909

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220141814

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220141914

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220142250

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220142458

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220151041

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220151329

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170220152325

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