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For Honor: How to Raise Debuff Resistance and What It Is


For Honor: How to Raise Debuff Resistance and What It Is

Debuff Resistance – For Honor

For Honor has quite a few stats and systems underneath the hood that are going to affect how your character performs in battle. One of these stats is Debuff Resistance, which you’re probably wondering what that is.

Basically Debuff Resistance boosts your character’s ability to mitigate the effects of various debuffs enemies may hit you with, thing like bleeding, stun, lowered stamina, etc. Of course, there’s always a chance your opponents won’t use many debuffs against you, but it’s still in your best interest to boost you resistance just in case. Having high Debuff Resistance in For Honor means the effect of these debuffs will be reduced on you, and can also shave a tiny bit of time off of how long they affect you for.

To boost you Debuff Resistance you’ll need to put on equipment that will do just that. You can get to equipment by going to the customize menu, selecting heroes, then picking whichever hero you want to equip. You may not immediately have something that will boost Debuff, but you’ll get more equipment from drops after multiplayer matches. You can also purchase equipment drops for Steel, the in-game currency, which can also be bought for real-world money.

Debuff Resistance may not be the end all be all for your stats, but it’s definitely something you should pay attention to.

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