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For Honor: How to Unlock More Feats


For Honor: How to Unlock More Feats

Unlocking Feats – For Honor

Feats are special powers that you can equip each of your heroes with in For Honor, and they give you various benefits during battle. These are things like calling in an archer strike, heals, or temporarily boosting your attack and defense power. Each character bring four Feats with them into battle, and each slot has extra unlockable abilities that you can swap the standard ones out for. You can equip new Feats in both multiplayer and story mode.

For multiplayer, head on over to the Customize tab and select Heroes. From there, select whichever hero you want to customize. If you haven’t unlocked one, you can pay 500 Steel to do so. After that, click Customize, and then tap R1 or RB to bring up your abilities.

From here, you can look at all four Feats your character has, and switch over to the two other options they have for each. You’ll notice an unlock requirement on the bottom left of your screen that corresponds to the level your character needs to be in order to equip it. You can level your character up by competing in multiplayer matches and earning experience, as well as completing Daily Orders. Alternatively if you’ve saved up enough Steel or bought some with real-world money, you can pay 4,000 to unlock all of one character’s Feats.

For story Feats, you can equip them at the beginning of each mission, and you earn more by completing missions and leveling up. If you tap the touchpad, or options button on Xbox, you can bring up a list of all Feats and their required level.

Make sure you try out a few different ones in both the story and multiplayer of For Honor, so you can get a sense of what works best for you.

For more guides, tips, and tricks on For Honor make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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