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For Honor: How to Throw Enemies


For Honor: How to Throw Enemies

How to Throw Enemies – For Honor

If you’re looking to dominate the battlefield in For Honor then you’ll need to know all of the tricks that can keep you alive. While blocking and parrying are all well and good eventually you will need to go on the offensive. One of the best, and most stylish, ways to do this is via throwing your opponent either into a wall, on the ground, or off a cliff. However, it’s not as easy as simply running up to someone and pressing a button as you’ll need to break their guard first.

This can be done by hammering away at their defense until they stagger back a little. After you see this charge forward and either hit the X button for Xbox One or the Square button for PlayStation 4. This will initiate a throw and you will knock your enemy back some distance. The style of the throw will change from character to character to make sure to experiment and see how they can work. Being able to knock an opponent off of a high ledge and send them to their doom is utterly satisfying in a fight. Make sure to know that not all throws are great for isolating and moving targets over a great distance.

Knowing when to throw an enemy is also vital as it can leave you exposed since it will lower your guard. If you are taking on more than one opponent don’t charge unless you can kill them via a fall. Being unable to block in For Honor, even for a second, is very dangerous and could easily get you killed. So make sure to always take in your surroundings before performing a throw, that way yo can get those sweet For Honor kills without being interrupted.

Now that you know how to throw enemies, make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki for more help, tips, and guides on For Honor.

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