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For Honor: How to Play the Raider


For Honor: How to Play the Raider

Raider – For Honor

The Raider is one of twelve character classes that you can play as in For Honor, and it’s the first Viking hero you’ll have access to. As with all the Viking characters, you’ll be focused mostly on attacking rather than playing things safe.

The Raider possesses some unique abilities that let him stun and disorient opponents before moving in for a deadly attack. The huge Dane Axe that they wield also gives them some decent range, especially with strong attacks. We’ll take a look at the character’s strengths, Feats, and some essential tips on how to use it.


Raider – Vanguard – Adaptable, Straightforward

Strengths – Good offensive hero, able to knock the enemy on the ground, quick light attacks.

Weaknesses – Short range on light attacks, long windup on heavy attacks.


Hero Specific Perks

  • Renown: Earn more Renown in outnumbered fights, by controlling objectives, and by killing enemy soldiers to unlock your feats in a match.
  • Revenge Mode: Boosts damage and health. All attacks are uninterruptible. Parries and throws enemies down. Attacks are auto-parried on activation.
  • Stampede Charge: Hold/release square to manage sprint distance. Knocks enemies down while running. Stuns grabbed opponent if knocked into a wall.
  • Controlled Throw: Hold/release square to manage where you throw an enemy. Opponent loses stamina each time he knocks a nearby character.
  • Raider Fury: Attack is unblockable and can be used with any chain.
  • Stunning Tap Variation: Cancel any heavy attack startup with a light attack. Stun opponent.


  • Chop and Poke – R1, R1, R1 (RB, RB, RB on Xbox)
  • Wild Swinging – R2, R2, R2 (RT, RT, RT on Xbox)
  • Winding Slashes – R2, R1, R2 (RT, RB, RT on Xbox)
  • Raider Fury – R1+R2 (RB+RT on Xbox)
  • Stampede Charge (Not in Guard Mode) – L3+Hold square (L3+X on Xbox)
  • Reaping Charge – L3+R2 (L3+RT on Xbox)
  • Stunning Tap – Left stick+X, R1 (Left stick+A, RB on Xbox)
  • Rushing Guardbreak – Left stick+X, square (Left stick+A, X on Xbox)


Much like the Warden, the Raider is a great class for beginners to pick up in For Honor as it has relatively balanced attack and defense. Raiders are all about dealing damage to opponents, using overwhelming attacks, and causing confusion. Luckily, they also have slightly more health than other Viking characters to help you stay in the battle.

The very first move you should know, and be using often, is the shoulder carry. This is the Raider’s basic throw that you can initiate with the square button after performing a Guard Break. For this move, the hero picks up his opponent and dashes forward with them on his shoulder. Any enemies he hit will get damaged, and the enemy will be sent sprawling on the ground unless you hit a wall, in which case they’ll get stunned. The Shoulder Carry can be a great move to get enemies out of an area, drop them over a ledge, or simply stun them and unleash a combo.

The Stunning Tap move can be used at either the start of or during a combo to stun an enemy, and keep unleashing attacks on them. Additionally, Raider’s Fury, the zone attack on R1+R2, can cause some serious damage and is generally unblockable.

While the Raider’s strong attack is definitely slow, it cause some pretty massive damage, so use it in tandem with stuns to take out enemies. Just keep in mind that like all Vikings, this hero is focused on attack and not defense, so you’ll want to keep pushing forward constantly.

Any equipment you put on would be best used to boost your attack or stunning capabilities.


  • Tireless – This Feat helps you lose stamina at a slower rate, something of key importance if you’re going to be focusing on attacking.
  • Marked for Death – Another useful Feat, Marked for Death reveals the targets’ positions and lowers their attack and defense, giving you the advantage when you move in for the kill.
  • Fury – Fury is the Feat that might be most helpful to you, and you’re gonna want to go all out with it. The Feat reduces your movement speed but significantly boosts your attack and defense, making you a force to be reckoned with.
  • Slippery – Slippery can be helpful when you find yourself in over your head, as it blocks all grab attempts for a short time, letting you focus purely on guarding.

For more help, tips, and guides on For Honor, make sure to take a look at our ever-expanding wiki.

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