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For Honor: How to Deflect Attacks


For Honor: How to Deflect Attacks

How to Deflect Attacks in For Honor

For Honor gives you a bundle of different heroes to play as on the battlefield, with each one functioning a bit differently and having their own strengths and weaknesses. On top of this, only certain heroes in For Honor can pull off some moves, one of which is being able to deflect. Here’s how to deflect attacks within the game and ensure you’re not taking too much damage while fighting.

Deflecting can only be done by heroes that are of the assassin type, who are all agile killers but more susceptible to damage. Using deflect allows you to instantly turn away an enemy’s attack, and instantly launch into one of your own. However, pulling off a deflection is a bit demanding and difficult to do.

What you need to do in order to deflect an attack is hit the dodge button – which is X on PS4 or A on Xbox One – exactly as their attack is going to hit you. You also need to dodge in the direction your opponent’s attack is going from. It’s very important that all you do is dodge, as you don’t have to use the right analog stick to pick a guarding direction whatsoever when deflecting.

Here are the assassin characters in For Honor that can use deflect:

  • Knights – Peacekeeper
  • Vikings – Berserker
  • Samurai – Orochi
  • Wu Lin – Nuxia

Deflecting is definitely one of the most difficult abilities to master in the game as it requires precise direction and timing. Keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it eventually, and you can also play any mission in the story mode of For Honor that has you play as an assassin to get some extra training.

For more help, tips, and guides on For Honor, make sure to take a look at our ever-expanding wiki.

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