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For Honor: Why Your Gold Edition Season Pass Code Isn’t Working


For Honor: Why Your Gold Edition Season Pass Code Isn’t Working

Gold Edition Code Not Working – For Honor

Ubisoft’s For Honor released today and some players that bought the Gold Edition are running into error messages when trying to redeem the code that comes with their physical copy.

The Gold Edition of For Honor includes seven days early access to new heroes and the Day 1 War Pack, which includes 30 days Champion Status and 3 scavenger crates.

The code issue seems to more prominent on PlayStation 4, but Ubisoft hasn’t officially given any word on the cause. The suggestion from Ubisoft and Sony forums is that the store may not be updated at the time you are attempting to redeem the code. The PlayStation Store usually updates on Tuesday afternoons so it is possible that the Gold Edition content may not be available yet. It is recommended that you contact PlayStation support if the problem persists throughout the rest of the day. There is no evidence to suggest that there is a widespread problem with broken codes, so it is most likely a console store issue.

If Ubisoft reveal why the For Honor Gold Edition add-on codes aren’t working, we will be sure to update you here. Alternatively, if you find any fixes, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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