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For Honor: How to Execute an Enemy


For Honor: How to Execute an Enemy

How to Execute – For Honor

Ubisoft’s new hand-to-hand combat game, For Honor, is filled with brutal battles, seeing warriors square off against each other. One of the moves you have in your repertoire are Executions, flashy killing animations that you can use to finish off an enemy. In order to Execute in For Honor, you’ll need to, of course, have your enemy’s health all the way down, and then use a strong attack as the final blow.

Strong attacks are mapped to the R2 button, and using one as the last blow will take you instantly to an Execute selection. From here you can use the square and triangle button to select from one of two executions unique to each hero. It should be noted that you’ll receive more experience for pulling off Executions, so it’s in your best interest to do so. Besides the fact that they’re just brutal to watch.

Using Executions as well as other commands like Guard Break and Parry will be key to your survival on the battlefield. Make sure to try out the Execute command for each hero, to see their unique animation.

For more tips, help, and walkthroughs on For Honor, make sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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