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For Honor: How to Get Dishonorable Kills


For Honor: How to Get Dishonorable Kills

How to Get Dishonorable Kills – For Honor

There are many different ways to obliterate your enemies in For Honor, Ubisoft’s multiplayer action game that has players choose warriors from three different ancient factions. They fall under two umbrellas, Honorable Kills and Dishonorable Kills. The latter umbrella requires you to cast honor and fair fights to the wind during your battles in order to rack them up.

Using the environment (such as high ledges and other traps) or ganging up on enemies will earn you Dishonorable Kills. As long as it’s not a one-on-one kill with your weapon, it will count. You’ll need these for a trophy/achievement, as well as for Orders that pop up during matches. Orders are random objectives that you get as you play in order to earn extra rewards for your efforts. None are overly complicated, such as getting a certain amount of kills or certain types, but they do require you to play in a specific way, so always pay attention.

Now that you know how to get dishonorable kills, you can get right back into the action. If you’re looking for more on For Honor – such as guides, tips, tricks, and information – check out our constantly expanding wiki.

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