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Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get More Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes: How to Get More Heroes

How To Get More Heroes – Fire Emblem Heroes

Unlocking and leveling up heroes is all part of the fun in Fire Emblem Heroes. While you’ll start off with a handful of characters to get you started at the very beginning, you’ll have to play through the game and complete different quests and criteria if you want to get more heroes.

This is because the ability to summon heroes will cost you five Orbs. These are the in-game currency and are earned through completing missions, linking your My Nintendo account to the game, and meeting certain criteria in battle.

Once you’ve got at least five Orbs, tap the Summon tab at the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll have a few different options. Tapping on the arrows will allow you to look at the different ‘packs’ available. Each ‘pack’ has the option of dropping certain characters, so it’s worth checking the Details option to see if your favorite heroes are included.

When you’ve decided which you want to go for, simply press the Summon button and confirm the five Orbs payment. Then, you’ll need to choose one of the different stone colors. Here, you want to choose the stone color that the particular hero you’re after is (if you happen to know it).

Confirm your selection and an animation will play, revealing your new hero. If you’ve got more Orbs, you can go summon another at a cheaper cost. The more heroes you summon in one stint, the cheaper it gets each time.

That’s all there is to getting more heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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