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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Gray Stone Character Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Gray Stone Character Heroes

Gray Stone Heroes – Fire Emblem Heroes

Characters in Fire Emblem Heroes are separated into four different categories, or color groups – Red, Green, Blue, and Gray. The colors correspond to a part of the weapon triangle in Fire Emblem Heroes, and you’ll need to pay attention to them in order to know which characters have the advantage. In the triangle Red beats Green, Green beats Blue, and Blue beats Red.

Gray Stone characters, however, stand outside of the triangle and aren’t weak or strong against any particular type. These characters usually wield weapons like bows, throwing knives, or staves and more often than not can only attack from a range. They do a great job of playing supporting roles in your army, but generally shouldn’t be out on the front lines.

Although there are five tiers of heroes (ranging from 1 star to 5), there are two max ranges, 4 and 5. Because of this we’ve only included the max tier rating that you can obtain each Gray Stone character.

Tier 4

  • Azama, the Carefree Monk
  • Clarine, the Refined Noble
  • Felicia, the Maid Mayhem
  • Gaius, the Candy Stealer
  • Gordin, the Altean Archer
  • JakobL Devoted Servant
  • Lissa, the Sprightly Cleric
  • Matthew, the Faithful Spy
  • Niles, Cruel to Be Kind
  • Sakura: Loving Priestess
  • Saizo, the Angry Ninja
  • Serra, the Outspoken Cleric
  • Setsuna, the Absent Archer
  • Virion, the Elite Archer
  • Wrys, the Kindly Priest

Tier 5

  • Elise, the Budding Flower
  • Jakob, the Devoted Servant
  • Jeorge, the Perfect Sho
  • Kagero, the Honorable Ninja
  • Maria, Minerva’s Sister
  • Takumi: Wild Card

For more help, tips, and walkthroughs on Fire Emblem Heroes be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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