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Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Multiplayer or Co-Op?


Does Horizon Zero Dawn Have Multiplayer or Co-Op?

Multiplayer and Co-Op – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest PS4 exclusive from Killzone developer Guerrilla Games. It follows the story of Aloy, a young woman caught in a war between tribes and machines in a world that is emerging from a technological apocalypse. The wide open environment, strategic and intense combat, as well as the different situations you find yourself in while playing seem perfect for a multiplayer or co-op experience, unfortunately this is strictly a single player affair.

Horizon Zero Dawn puts the overarching story and Aloy’s experiences front and center, which doesn’t exactly mesh well with adding multiple players to the mix. The world is meant for one person to experience on their own as they discover new threats and partake in huge hunts. There’s been no mention on whether or not the developers even plan on adding in some multiplayer or co-op components, so chances are that it will remain a single-player only PS4 game.

Who knows, maybe they’ll add in multiplayer in the next installment of what is set to be a new franchise for Sony and Guerrilla Games. Until then, enjoy surviving the wilderness on your own.

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