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Conan Exiles Blacksmith Thrall: How to Get Them & What They Do


Conan Exiles Blacksmith Thrall: How to Get Them & What They Do

Blacksmith Thrall – Conan Exiles

After a little while of exploring the harsh lands of Conan Exiles, you’ll be able to get yourself some Thrall. For those unaware of what Thrall are, these are NPCs that you can break and turn into slaves. Thrall all have different specialties, with Blacksmith Thrall being just one variant.

Unfortunately, these can be pretty difficult to find. Your best bet to capture a Blacksmith Thrall, however, is to look in every camp you come across, since these are where most NPCs reside. To make sure you’ve found a Blacksmith Thrall and not another kind, you want to check to see if they’re carrying what look like a repair hammer.

Once you find a Blacksmith Thrall in Conan Exiles, you’ll now need to use the truncheon to knock them unconscious. Drag them back to your base with Fiber Bindings, and then use the Wheel of Pain to break them. This process creates a nicely obedient Thrall.

While Thrall are generally pretty useful to have in Conan Exiles, the Blacksmith Thrall is one of the most valuable. Capturing one will give you access to items only crafted by that specific Thrall via Crafting Machines. For example, a Hyborian Thrall will grant you access to that race’s weapons, even if your character is a different race. This opens up a whole new arsenal of weapons for you to make use of as you venture around Conan Exiles’ world.

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