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Conan Exiles: What the Best Weapon Is


Conan Exiles: What the Best Weapon Is

Best Weapon – Conan Exiles

There are a ton of different weapons available to players in Conan Exile that all have their pros and cons. Of course, thanks to the PvP mode of Conan Exiles, many players are desperate to learn just what the best weapon in the game is. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t cut and dry right now.

Currently, it looks like a one-handed sword is your best bet to start off with. The material you make it from will determine how durable it is, though. With that in mind, a steel sword hands down is going to stick around with you for far longer than many others. The one-handed sword can cleave, and has a good attack speed, making it perfect for depleting enemy health bars efficiently.

Alternatively, however, you can opt for a two-handed weapon. The benefit you get from a two-handed weapon is the ability to knockdown your enemies, which gives you a good chunk of time to land some heavy hits. The knockdown ability comes with a caveat, however, and that’s the attack speed. Two-handed weapons are far slower, so you’ll need to factor this in before deciding what the best weapon is for you in Conan Exiles. Currently, there are two standout weapons that players seem to be flocking towards in the later stages. The Ancient Khopesh and Cimmerian Battle-Axe are both fan favorites right now.

It’s worth noting that every weapon does the same damage up to the Iron tier, including two-handed weapons, against all armors. As such, it’s only once you ascend this tier that your weapon will make a huge difference.

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