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Let’s Break Down All the Months the PS4 Has Beaten the Xbox One In The US


Let’s Break Down All the Months the PS4 Has Beaten the Xbox One In The US

How strong is the PlayStation juggernaut and what makes it tick?

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It seems bizarre to think now, but back in 2014 many analysts were unconvinced that the home console market had much of a future. A popular sentiment was that traditional gaming was on the out, that interest in the industry was waning, and that consoles were destined to be superseded by smartphones. It was all rather doom and gloom.

Gaming enthusiasts weren’t having any of it, though, and fast forward to 2017 and the mood is anything but bleak. The console industry is booming, with both PS4 and Xbox One flying out the door so quickly that the current generation is on track to match the best-selling consoles of all time.

Both Sony and Microsoft have certainly not been shy to proudly tout sales figures, either; triumphantly declaring victory over one another at any opportunity. But while both consoles have impressed, it is the Japanese giant that has largely dominated proceedings since launch.

To clarify that margin, we’re recapping all the months PS4 has “won” over its rival by recording more hardware sales, and what conditions have allowed those successes to occur.

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