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Berserk: Top 5 Best & Strongest Characters


Berserk: Top 5 Best & Strongest Characters


Top 5 Best & Strongest Characters in Berserk

Serpico is unlocked fairly late in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk’s story mode. While he’s available as an ally relatively early on, it’s not until he is granted the Sylph Sword by Schierke and Flora that he becomes available for use by the player. Once you finally get a chance to take control of Serpico, though, you may become a bit upset that you had to wait so long, because he’s one of the absolute best characters to use in the game.

He’s fast, but that’s not what makes him such a standout, as he’s not the only fighter who’s quick on his feet. It’s his control over the wind thanks to his Sylph Sword that makes him a beast on the battlefield. He can juggle multiple enemies at once in mini tornadoes while he focuses his melee attention elsewhere. His ability to keep enemies at bay in this fashion makes running through the Endless Eclipse with him a fun endeavor rather than a slog through repeated layers. Even better is when you trigger his Frenzy Mode, which allows him to use only the Sylph Sword for all attacks rather than his regular blade.

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