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5 Reasons Grand Theft Auto V Has Continued to Be a Huge Success


5 Reasons Grand Theft Auto V Has Continued to Be a Huge Success

75 million copies and no signs of stopping.

It’s Just So Damn Good


Before we break things down more analytically, Grand Theft Auto V’s is quite simply a very good video game. It is the culmination of Rockstar’s two decades of experience in bringing to life expansive open world environments. GTA V is a near perfect balance of beautiful aesthetic, sumptuous game design, clever writing, and Hollywood levels of cinematic production.

Of course, the franchise is best known for its city sandbox, drugs and violence, and nihilistic satire on western society. Tying all of that together, though, is Rockstar’s commitment to quality, which has been at the core of GTA since the original PS era. Having enjoyed overwhelming critical acclaim across all its games, it would have been easy for Rockstar to rest on its laurel, but rather than simply rinse and repeat, each new game has brought fresh innovations.

GTA V continues that trend, adding multiple playable characters an even more intense narrative. GTA V’s vibrant open world features a host of optional side quests and activities on a scale greater than any previous open world game before it.

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