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15 Great Anime That Deserve Better Games


15 Great Anime That Deserve Better Games

Can anyone right these wrongs?


New digimon game

Digimon just received another new title to its collection that, much like the ones before it, seems to err on the side of good enough rather than great. While capturing the essence of the Digital World is a large task, it’s certainly not impossible. Quite frankly, it seems like each new title swings in the opposite direction of the one before it and ultimately misses the sweet spot for a great adventure RPG with our favorite digital monsters at its core. While 2015’s Cyber Sleuth seemed overly simple and rather repetitive, the latest title Digimon World: Next Order is overly complicated without any justifiable reason as to why.

Digimon World: Next Order has incorporated a new battle system that seems to be dividing some of the franchise’s fans. The new system means players have less control over their Digimon’s performance in each battle and will instead be relying on their bond with their Digimon to see if they will be able to make the right moves and ultimately emerge victorious. The game has only been out for a few days and players have already been complaining about the adventure’s difficulty level after less than 30 minutes of gameplay.

Unlike Cyber Sleuth, this title focuses heavily on the aspect of raising and training Digimon as opposed to the Pokemon-esque system that was incorporated in some of the previous games. Either way, the Digimon anime does a great job of pulling at heartstrings and crafting some unique adventures. The Digimon games, however, just feel too much like an afterthought that only truly caters to hardcore Digimon fans.

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