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Xbox Executive Congratulates Nintendo on Switch Presentation


Xbox Executive Congratulates Nintendo on Switch Presentation

A classy move.

Yesterday, Nintendo held a presentation in which plenty of news regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch including its release date, price, and a look at many of its upcoming games. It was a great night for Nintendo fans and, despite the two companies being rivals, Xbox’s engineering lead Mike Ybarra took to Twitter t congratulate Nintendo.

He may work for team Xbox but even Ybarra couldn’t contain his excitement, saying:

This actually isn’t the first time a member of the Xbox team has praised the Nintendo Switch. Following the console’s announcement last year, Xbox head Phil Spencer was asked by a gamer on Twitter what his thoughts on the new platform was and he was very complimentary.

Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony may be rivals, but it’s nice when one of them sets an example for us gamers with a classy moves like this. Props to Mike Ybarra. The Nintendo Switch is set to be released on March 3 for $300.


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