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WoW: How to Get The Secret Cow Level


WoW: How to Get The Secret Cow Level

The Secret Cow Level – World of Warcraft

Diablo’s 20th anniversary has brought a host of goodies to Blizzard titles, including World of Warcraft. Perhaps most notable of the changes is the addition of The Secret Cow Level, a joke that dates back to the original Diablo game.

The History of The Secret Cow Level

A popular fan rumor revolved around Diablo claiming the existence of a secret cow level; so feverishly was this circulated that Blizzard became known for responding, “There is no Cow Level.” The statement was even one of StarCraft’s cheat codes. Eventually, in Diablo II, the developer indeed included a Secret Cow Level, satisfying all of those strange, bovine dreams.

The famous Cow Level now exists in World of Warcraft, and you’ll need to get there if you’re hoping to nab the Diablo’s 20th Anniversary Achievement.

How to Get to The Secret Cow Level

You’ll need to kill a Treasure Goblin in order to reach The Secret Cow Level. These creatures can be found in various places in the Broken Isles, but most often appear in the Dalaran Sewers. You can also happen upon one outdoors around the Isles, or even at the end of dungeons.

The best method of finding and killing a Treasure Goblin is going to be in the Sewers, however. They spawn around every 10 minutes, and take a lot of damage to kill. If you don’t manage to drop the mob before it casts Escape Portal, you’ll have failed. Down in the Sewers, though, there are plenty of players around to help out (if they’re not trying to murder you) and you can hire a guard to pitch in as well.

If the Treasure Goblin is killed before it escapes, a portal to The Secret Cow Level will open, and you can be on your merry way.


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