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Resident Evil 7: Toilet Treasure Photo Location


Resident Evil 7: Toilet Treasure Photo Location

Toilet Treasure Photo – Resident Evil 7

If you’ve been playing Resident Evil 7, chances are you’ve already stumbled across a treasure photo or two. These are cryptic and rather vague photos that depict the location of a secret stash of items tucked away somewhere on the Baker estate. While you may know the location to some of them, others can be particularly tricky to solve, especially when the treasure photo simply depicts a toilet. No matter, we’re here to help you out.

First off, if you don’t have the photo, you’ll want to head over to the old house from the trailer, and look for the vine-covered steps leading up to it on the right. In the vines here, you’ll find the treasure photo. It shows a toilet bowl next to a cupboard with an overflowing ashtray next to it.

Luckily, finding this one won’t send you headfirst into danger, as the toilet in question happens to be in your trailer. Head back to the trailer that you gained access to after escaping the main house, and sure enough, the toilet is there. Simply look into it to pick up some 44 MAG ammo. Particularly useful for those who get the gun with their Antique Coins.

That’s all there is to the toilet treasure photo. For more tips, tricks, and guides for Resident Evil 7, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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