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Resident Evil 7: Where to Find the Fireplace Photo Treasure


Resident Evil 7: Where to Find the Fireplace Photo Treasure

Fireplace Photo Treasure – Resident Evil 7

Throughout the many disgusting houses and enemies of Resident Evil 7, you may come across a few Treasure Photos. These depict the location of some cool rewards, if you’re able to suss out what’s being pictured and where that location is. If you’re having trouble finding these treasures, have no fear. Here’s how to get the Fireplace Treasure Photo and where to find the Fireplace Photo treasure.

How to Get the Fireplace Treasure Photo

This one you’ll find in the basement of the main house after your chainsaw duel with Jack. Look for a pair of freezers and a nearby shelf in a nearby room, before you reach the Dissection Room monsters. On the shelf, you’ll find both the Scorpion Key and the Fireplace Photo.

Where to Find the Fireplace Photo Treasure

Get back upstairs to the main room of the house. Now, go down the passage that the eagle light puzzle opens. You’ll eventually come upon a room with a blue chair and a fireplace. Remove a brick from the top right corner of this fireplace to find Steroids. While it might seem like a minor prize, Steroids will permanently increase your health, and are vital to survival in Resident Evil 7.

Now that you’ve got your health boost, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Resident Evil 7 wiki for more tips, guides, and walkthroughs.


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