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5 Games That Will Show the PS4 Pro’s True Potential


5 Games That Will Show the PS4 Pro’s True Potential

Games will never have looked so good.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony’s PS4 Pro has been out for quite a few months now. Touting 4K visuals, an enhanced VR experience, and 4K media streaming, the system is the most powerful console on the market at the moment. However, at the time of writing, few games have truly utilize the full extent of PS4 Pro’s power. That all looks set to change thanks to a number of upcoming experiences, and these five are the best-looking of the bunch.

With less than a month to go, Horizon Zero Dawn is looking set to be the first first-party title to truly show off the PS4 Pro’s potential. This is the first time that Guerrilla is working with the PS4 Pro, but from the 4K gameplay footage we were shown back at the console’s reveal last year, it’s certainly looking gorgeous.

That’s partly thanks to the game’s Decima Engine (the same one being used for Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding). This is an evolved version of the engine that Guerrilla has used for all of its games. However, the studio has overhauled it in recent years, mainly for this project.

Its visual grandeur is also thanks to the game’s stunning and vibrant environments. Horizon’s color palette is accentuated and brought to life thanks to HDR, and the extra detail of 4K helps to give the surroundings an extra touch of realism. Add in the enhanced draw distance as you glance out over stretches of terrain reclaimed by nature, and the whole world looks almost lifelike.

As a first-party studio, it’s pretty safe to say that Guerrilla Games knows exactly what to do in order to get the very best out of the system. And as one of Sony’s headline titles for the year, you can bet your bottom dollar that the company will want the game to be a prime example of why existing PS4 owners should upgrade to the Pro.

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